Kerry Group is a leading global supplier of ingredients, flavors, and nutrition to the world’s food, beverage, and pharmaceutical sectors. Millions of people throughout the world consume food and beverage products that contain their taste and nutrition technologies or systems. With over 131 production locations and 23,000 employees, Kerry has raised revenue to over 6.1 billion euros through both organic growth and M&A activity. 


From 2000 through 2016, Kerry has executed 162 strategic acquisitions worldwide. Invariably, these acquisitions create redundancy and excess capacity. Global Food Properties has proudly served as an endorsed provider in the disposition of properties deemed surplus and targeted for accelerated sale. 


Many of Kerry’s acquisition partners began as small entrepreneurial operators, often family owned and privately held, where the principles founded a new idea, flavor, or way of processing an ingredient or flavor. At a certain growth point, larger manufacturers seek that same proprietary process or product(s), not to mention the market share. In many cases, the real estate involved smaller, value-engineered facilities, often in tertiary markets, designed for a special-purpose application. As such, demand was limited, use was challenging, and price and value expectations warranted expert management. That’s where Global Food Properties comes in. 



As in every campaign, the principles of Global Food Properties executed every aspect of the transaction, from the initial site visits and strategy recommendations, through marketing, the sale and the closing. In these challenging and remote markets, success lay in inventorying unique aspects of building or infrastructure, such as controlled environments, chilled or deionized water, abandoned equipment, or QA and R&D applications. Then presenting those advantages to advanced food and non-food manufacturers in the local and regional market.



Within ten years, Global Food Properties closed 15 transactions in three (3) countries, eliminating over 757,834 SF. While the value recovered through these transactions was welcome, Kerry benefited more by the cost mitigation of carrying empty and excessive assets. Special purpose properties in small towns often linger for years if not marketed aggressively and from an informed vantage point of what the market will do. Expertise in these arenas is not a property-brokerage commodity, and Global Food Properties is honored to have partnered with Kerry in so many challenging engagements. We look forward to the next challenge.