Frozen food is one of very few processed food categories trending upwards. Rising disposable income, convenience, as well as refreshed and improved “natural” ingredient mixes are appealing to many, but particularly to Millennials. In light of this expanding category, Global Food Properties is pleased to introduce representative availability of four (4) frozen food facilities nationally. All properties are available immediately at a fraction of new construction pricing.

Representative Properties

153,000 SF (Greater Houston): A former dessert and sweet goods facility, key features include a 43,200 SF refrigerated bakery, 36,000 SF of -20 F freezer, an adjacent refrigerated shipping vestibule, ingredient coolers, QA lab, with the highest finishes and audit conformity. Learn more.

134,110 SF (Greater Philadelphia): A former frozen entrée and pouched foods facility, key features include a nearly 3,000 hp engine room, three (3) spiral freezers, 58,000 SF of refrigerated production, 11,900 SF of high-cube freezing, three silos with massive dry ingredient storage, operating formerly under USDA, SQF 2, and rigorous third-party audits. Learn more.

100,000 SF (Little Rock): A former vertically integrated protein processing facility, key features include design and demised areas from pen holding areas through processing, fabrication, freezing, and finished goods storage. An extended vacancy with some cannibalized equipment makes this an extraordinary opportunity to acquire the basis for future capacity for pennies on the dollar. Learn more.

44,053 SF (North Texas): An operating and fully equipped bakery plant, key features include Revent and Baker-Perkins ovens, spiral coolers, 8,000 SF of bakery production, 1,196 SF freezer, and conformity to AIB, GMP, and HACCP audits. Seller would possibly include recipes, retail customers, the potential transfer of a highly skilled workforce. Learn more.

The Arch of the Trend

Again, busy working couples, Millennials remaining single longer, and perceived health benefits and portion control will continue to stoke frozen food consumption. Speed-to-market is always imperative, and as such, the increasing importance of high-finish existing properties available for immediate redeployment. Please contact Global Food Properties for details on these properties and many more.