Global Food Properties, Chicago, Illinois, and Schneider Industries, St. Louis, Missouri, are excited to partner in offering global occupiers the seamless recovery of plant and equipment assets. In the regulated and fast-moving food production sector, surplus plant and equipment is inevitable. Industry consolidation, mergers and acquisitions, food-safety concerns, quickly evolving consumer preferences all force reverses in the supply chain, impacting plants and equipment.  

How It Was

Historically, occupiers bifurcated the equipment from the plant, allowing auctioneers to liquidate the machinery, leaving to the broker a ravaged property. This method is materially flawed, however, as the value of “whole” often exceeds the sum of the “pieces.” Moreover, left unchecked, machinery auctioneers will so cannibalize the property as to make it effectively worthless, rendering an elevated-value food facility in to a simple warehouse. Put simply, the equipment “tail” has been allowed to wag the property “dog,” costing owners incalculable sums in so doing.

How It Is

There is a better way. By combining property and machinery expertise, the asset package can be maximized in its entirety, not disparately and in a vacuum. Additionally, yoked as a team, Global Food Properties and Schneider Industries can offer further savings in form of a single effort and fee. And finally, orchestrated as a combined effort, property and equipment marketing can occur concurrently, not consecutively as is typical, thereby cutting carry cost and asset deterioration by six to nine months, if not more.

With so little margin in the food sector, who you choose matters. For more information on how Global Food Properties and Schneider Industries can manage your asset recovery to grow the bottom line, please contact us.