Global Food Properties is pleased to join CREXi, a leading digital community designed for deal-making in corporate real estate. CREXi’s technology will enable Global Food Properties to digitize properties and source prospects beyond its proprietary databases, creating in the public market heightened visibility for purpose-built food facilities. 

Global Food Properties remains a leading content curator on regulated properties, and CREXi is a logical next step in the Firm’s evolution as a market-maker for surplus food facilities.

Who you choose matters. 

Success requires the relentless pursuit of qualified buyers, without prejudging the source or methods. Public databases, digital platforms, social media, print advertising, proprietary databases, and industry networking all play a role in creating a market for special-purpose assets. Especially today, with efficiency mandates and food-safety regulations challenging the value and use of second-generation food plants. Who you choose matters.

For further details, please contact: Jeffrey J. Counsell, Co-Founder & Managing Broker, Global Food Properties +1 312 589 8844 /