Global Food Properties is excited to begin 2018 with travels to China. With a first stop in Hong Kong, this trip will be Global Foods Properties’ fourth trip to the region in three years. From this experience, we hope to observe and continue to learn about ever-expanding international markets.

From Local to Global

Previous Asia Pacific mandates included negotiating a frozen food plant sale with a South Korean manufacturer, the valuation of a Kellogg bakery plant near Sydney, as well as the marketing and sale of a 9,200 m2 / 92,000 SF dry mixing and bakery plant in Charmhaven, along the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Though food production and distribution historically was local, a consolidated global industry is creating more cross-border activity.

Changing Supply Chains

Global Food Properties continues to expand its international footprint. Recent mandates to either value, or to market and sell surplus properties, have involved process-heavy food facilities in Ecuador, Germany, the United Kingdom,  Mexico, Canada, and Belgium.

In early 2018, we will  be in the market in Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil. Looking forward, the headwinds of ingredient inflation, margin compression, procurement, industry consolidation, and rapidly changing consumer preferences will further disrupt global supply chains, impacting established trade patterns and distribution. The increasing reality is a global market for large and high-audit facilities, where the buyer may as likely be a mega-cap international manufacturer as a smaller regional player in an adjacent territory.

Through Travel and Experience

Who you chose matters and we keep going farther for our clients. Global Food Properties continues to be the leading market-maker globally for surplus food manufacturing plants. Expertise in this sector is rare in even the most advanced and mature markets like North America, Europe, and Australia. Hence, consider the uncountable values left unrecovered in squandering vacant assets in emerging and less opaque markets, like Asia. To coin a phrase, Global Food Properties proves time and time again if a proper market is make, there is lid for every pot.