Together with the Lee County/Tupelo, Mississippi Community Development Foundation, Global Food Properties is eager to market an expandable 96,000 SF industrial facility in Northeast Mississippi. This offering provides manufacturing capacity tailored to food occupiers’ three primary requirements: Efficiency and throughput with an expandable 400’ linear configuration; no possibility of pre-existing pathogens and inherited food-safety issues; and speed-to-market in a non-union environment celebrated for its regulatory friendliness.

North America’s property markets have historically low vacancy, in both the food and non-food sectors. Even the few credible second-generation food facilities available come with varying levels of functional obsolescence, not to mention food-safety concerns. Acquiring additional capacity need not be so hard and so risky; improve your chances for project Board approval by considering Tupelo’s compelling advantages:

  • Three (3) bays at 80’ wide, with 400’ linear runs, for pure “line of sight” production

  • 32’ clear ceiling heights

  • Expandable to 400,000 SF on 23.00 acres

  • High-image Turner Industrial Park location

  • Heavy utility infrastructure: 16” water line, 10” sewer line, 13KV electric, and 4” gas line

  • Shell building allowing for exact customization of build-out, floor drainage, equipment foundations, and mechanical, refrigeration, and ingredient infrastructure

  • Lee County/Tupelo Region provides one of North America’s most concentrated manufacturing hubs, reflecting a world-class business climate with “on-demand” planning, permitting, zoning, and site application review

In sum, the Tupelo facility checks all the boxes of food safety, maximum flexibility, and speed-to-market. Please let us know when we might schedule a more detailed introduction.


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