Global Food Properties Advises European Frozen Manufacturer

Global Food Properties was pleased to assist a leading European deep-frozen fruit manufacturer assess its property options in Eastern and Northern China. Acting less as a broker and more as a “process driver,” Global Food Properties identified the local property experts, regulatory advisors, and developers in assembling a robust team capable of evaluating existing buildings and development options in China’s most ag-intensive provinces.

The most crucial benefit to the client was exposure to multiple brokerage houses and outside advisors, with clear visibility into the strengths and weaknesses of each. The largest firms are only as good as their local offices, which led to surprising outcomes and the need to think critically about where the real value lies.

For additional details on Global Food Properties unique global reach, or to speak confidentially with the European client referenced above, please contact our Co-Founder and Designated Managing Broker, Jeffrey J. Counsell at +1 312 589 8844 or jeff.counsell@globalfoodproperties.com.