We are excited to announce that Global Food Properties has merged into leading occupier advisory firm Cresa. For more information Click Here.


Global Food Properties is different; there is no other firm like it.

What distinguishes our Firm and drives our success is a fundamentally different view on what excellence requires:

There is no bureaucracy.
Decision-making is flat and immediate.
There is no dress code.
Passion is mandatory, cuff links are not.
We operate in one asset class only.
Food, beverage, ingredient, and agri-business manufacturing plants.
The Firm is highly profitable.
We have the resources to underwrite client campaigns, whatever the scope. We spend freely on our clients’ behalf, typically without reimbursement.

Global Food Properties is expert at making a market for purpose-built assets, worldwide. Our abilities are not diluted through affiliation with loose franchises or opaque networks, and the brand names fail to impress. In most engagements, we partner with the best available brokerage talent in that market. This allows for dual market-making, locally and nationally; the yoking of food property expertise with local market coverage; and a seamless availability for property tours and due diligence.



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